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Washing clothes using hands have become obsolete nowadays. You would not see anyone around you hand-washing clothes, I do not see anyone near me at least. A washing machine is no more a luxury, what it used to be in the 90’s decade. So today we’ll tell you Why do you need a washing machine?

While preparing for the post, I have to read some blogs and forums where many mentioned about not using a washing machine for washing their clothes off.

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The reasons they mentioned portrayed that they belonged to the old-school of thoughts, or may in the time of the invention the washing machine, there might have been those mentioned issues, like ripping off the clothes, scratching clothes, not removing the spots or dirt and many more. At the times of writing this post, I do not see any of the top brands showcasing these issues.

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A washing machine is the easiest and best way to wash your laundry. Without getting indulged into lots of manual work, you pull out your clothes and put them into a tub and get them washed and dried in half an hour or maybe less.

So, these are some solid reasons you need to buy a washing machine. You can find great washing machines according to your needs and budget at mrwashingmachine.in. If you still are not impressed by the idea of having a washer on your doorstep.

5 reasons why you need a washing machine to get rid of the washing clothes chores:

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A Washing Machine
  1. Cleans your clothes out in minutes
  2. Balanced detergent dose
  3. Satisfactory cleaning results
  4. Less Noise
  5. Get more work done in less time

1. Cleans your clothes out in minutes

Having an advanced feature-rich washing machine ensures you get smooth clothes washing experience without visiting to cleaners. If you are not doing hand-washing, you might have been hiring cleaner’s services to get your regular chores done. Buying a washing machine gives you a refreshing washing experience in the comfort of your home.

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The latest washers available in the market come with cutting edge features which lets you go through the hardest stains clothes without damaging the texture of your fabric.

Washing clothes using a washer also saves lots of your time. Like, if you do washing using your hands, for a family for 3-4 members, it can almost take 2 and a half hours. With a washer, the same amount of work can be done within an hour or maybe less.

You can use that time in some creative work or can create some refreshing memories with your family, your kids at home

2. Balanced detergent dose

As per experts, the best washing results are achieved by putting the required amount of dose needed to wash the number of clothes. While doing washing manually, you do not know the amount of detergent powder requires getting satisfactory cleaning results.

If you put more than the required dose, your clothes can have detergent residue leading to incurring high water and energy costs, on the flip side, putting the insufficient amount of dose can lead to unsatisfactory cleaning results.

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With an advanced washer, you do not have to mull over for the amount of detergent powder needed to put in.

Washers available in the market nowadays feature inbuilt automatic dosage technology with integrated sensors that detect the type of fiber, load volume, and let you know the amount of dose requires to bring forth satisfactory cleaning.

3. Satisfactory cleaning results

Washing clothes manually requires an abundance of time, energy, and patience. These all features have gone obsolete in the current-running generation. Thus, you cannot expect to have satisfactory, error-free, and blemishes-free whitest of the white cleansing.

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You must buy a washer, or visit a cleaning service if the washer is not functioning properly to get rid of the laundry.

With a dedicated washer, featuring the latest cutting edge features, you are ensured to have satisfactory cleansing. You can rely on them for your laundry, and get all it is done within half an hour or an hour max.

4. Less Noise

Yes, using an advanced washer keeps your environment silent. You can have other tasks going along with washing on the other side. This cannot be achieved with manual washing, you just cannot continue other regular work, and rather you will have to take a nap after going through the washing process.

Other than this, hand washing also tires the people around you. If someone is sleeping, and you need to wash clothes using hands, make sure to inform him about the processor so that he could put on noise-canceling headphones.

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It is going to be noisy, and get ready or get addicted to that noise.

In the case of a washer, you will not have to through this much noise. Yes, some washers are noisy as well, but with some extra bucks spent on, you can have a good quality washer with no to minimal noise.

You can find some top-notch washer with the dedicated silent feature if you are concerned about noise too much.

5. Get more work done in less time

Washing clothes using a washer require a less amount of water compare to manual hand-washing. In water-deprived areas, where water shortage is raising heads, you cannot just consume this much water to wash your clothes.

Or if you are insisted to do laundry using hands, try to consume used-water instead of freshwater.

On the other hand, with a washer, you consume less water and more work can be done in less span of time. Like, if you are a busy-bee and only finds spare time on week-days, and accumulate a load of laundry, with using a big-sized washing machine, can go through the whole of your laundry in just one go.

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And, other than this, the washers come with some wash programs which lets you switch dedicated wash programs as per the type of your clothes.

The clothes which you are concerned about more can be washed using a dedicated program. So, no fear is left about tearing off or stretching your expensive clothes.


If you have never been using a washing machine, or had used ages ago and found it a terrifying experience, you need to live a new experience now. Maybe some old washing machine would have spoiled your first experience; washers of today are a breeze in use and get you rid of laundry doing in minutes without any bad experience of stretching or tearing off your precious clothes.

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You can find some top-notch brands in the world of washers; some world’s renowned electronics brands have paved their way into this world. Before buying any washer, do not forget to read the previous customer’s feedback, it will help you better decide which product to go with.

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