What is Thunderbolt 3? Know about its Features!

While Thunderbolt 3 may not yet be the custom, laptops with this feature are sure to be the next big thing in tech. While many of today’s new laptop models include Thunderbolt 3 support, not all of them are suitable for your requirements, making it a little hard to choose the best laptop with thunderbolt 3 between them. TB3 laptops with poor body design or those lacking other heritage ports are one or two things to be aware of before deciding to get one.

What does TB3 port refer to?

With Thunderbolt 3, you can connect additional display screens, chargers, and other accessories to laptops, as well as transfer data in a very short period and charge laptops. Connecting external GPU stations, OEMs can also accommodate ultra-portable laptops that can handle premium games flush, based on compatible graphics units.

What is TB3’s significance?

Compared to a regular USB port, Thunderbolt 3 has a speed of 40GB per second. During its development, Thunderbolt 3 saw widespread adoption because of its very quick and convenient USB-C connector. Any external or additional device you need to connect to your laptop can easily be connected using the Thunderbolt 3 port. An external GPU can be connected to Thunderbolt 3 ports in order to keep up with technological advancements, thereby ensuring that you don’t miss out on any of those.

What are TB3’s Features?

  • It has quick charging capabilities
  • Using Thunderbolt 3 you can also power two 4K displays at the same time, which is perfect for multi-monitor setups.
  • High-speed data transfer is capable of Thunderbolt 3 (40GB/s)
  • Cables meet the requirements of the Universal Standard (USB)
  • Ensure that all external accessories are connected
  • The Thunderbolt 3 port does not require a lot of space
  • Provides the ease of connecting additional GPU

Things to ensure before getting a TB3 laptop for gaming

  • Cost: In the first place, the budget plays a major role in purchasing a laptop. Your budget determines how many high-quality laptops you can afford and research accordingly. It is no longer necessary to purchase laptops repeatedly. This requires that you purchase a powerful laptop all at once. Try to do more if you have a limited budget, as it will be worthwhile in the long run.

  • Processor: As the CPU is the brain of any laptop, you ought to buy the most powerful model you can afford. You should always consider the power of the CPU before buying a laptop. Moreover, you should pick the most recent generation out in the market. If you are interested in playing games more powerfully with less money, you should buy a laptop that is equipped with an AMD processor elsewise Intel remains the most preferred choice.

  • Graphics Card: In terms of graphics processing, there are two categories: dedicated and shared. Dedicated graphics cards are essential for powerful gaming laptops. Graphics processing units also affect the display’s quality. The built-in graphics card of a laptop makes it a challenge to run heavy software and games.

  • RAM: For a laptop to perform optimally, RAM is considered equally important to storage type and processor power. Having more RAM on your laptop boosts its performance. In addition to RAM, storage and processor should also qualify as excellent. 8GB RAM is enough for most daily routines while you will need 16 GB of RAM if you are planning on gaming or editing videos.

  • Display: Thunderbolt ports on laptops allow you to add an external monitor at any time, however, it is recommended to pick a laptop with a full HD display.

  • Battery Backup: It’s no secret that gaming laptops don’t have good battery life. In the present day, we use all graphics cards at all times in order to get as much power as possible out of the battery. However, the advantage with thunderbolt 3 is that the RTX Gaming Laptop is able to rapidly charge when playing games.

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