Which are the Best TWS Earbuds Under 3000 Rupees to buy in 2022?

I’m sure 6 out of 10 people you see are having earbuds or a neckband. These wireless devices have become very common these days in India. Wireless audio devices are most preferred because of the convenience they ensure. So, we have invested our time to research and review these top-notch 7 Best TWS Under 3000 Rupees in India. These AirPods Alternatives or Truly Wireless Earbuds which we have reviewed are from brands like Skullcandy, JBL, boAt, Realme, etc.

You can choose your new wearable device from these reviewed listed earbuds hassle-free.

Many a time when we need our earphones, we find them messed up. It becomes irritating. Moreover, wired earphones cannot provide better comfort while carrying them or while doing exercises such as running, walking, gym, etc. Even while gaming also you will feel a little bit uncomfortable with the wired earphones. Wired earphones usually limit you from going far from your device whereas, with wireless, you are free to go a certain distance from your device.

What to keep in mind before buying a TWS Earbud?

Battery life

It is an important consideration when choosing earbuds. If you plan on using your earbuds for long periods of time, then you’ll want to make sure that they have good battery life. Most of the earbuds come with charging cases. These charging cases can charge earbuds multiple times. If your earbuds have a battery life of 8 hours, then the charging case will give you an extra 12 hours of battery life.

Fast Charging

Fast charging might not be a factor for some people but for heavy users like me, this factor plays an important role. Nobody wants to charge their earbuds for hours. If you are looking for earbuds then fast charging is a must. There are a lot of brands that offer 50% charging in just 10 mins of charge.

Water and Swear resistance

If you are a fitness freak or someone who loves to sweat it out in the gym, then you should look for earbuds that are sweat and water-resistant. This will protect your earbuds from damage and extend their life. Therefore an IP55 water-resistant rating should be considered when choosing the best earbuds.

Active Noise Cancellation

ANC or active noise cancellation is a feature that is found in premium earbuds. This feature uses microphones to cancel out the noise around you. So, it is perfect for gaming and party lovers.

Spatial Sound

It is considered the most advanced ai feature in earbuds. This feature creates a 3D soundscape around you. So, it is perfect for people who want to enjoy their 3D rendered videos with 3D audio also. In this budget, many brands offer earbuds with spatial sound. Therefore,  it should be considered when choosing the best tws under 3000.

Qualcomm has written a detailed article about it here check out – What is Spatial Sound? – Qualcomm


Last but not the least, if you’re not comfortable in your earbuds, then you’re not going to enjoy using them. Therefore, it is important that an earbud sits in your ear perfectly.

Let’s have a look at the top picks by the Experts based on the reviews for the best tws earbuds under 3000 Rupees in India.

The Best TWS Earbuds Under 3000 to buy in 2022!

JBL C115 True Wireless EarbudsOverall Best Performer
OnePlus Nord Buds True WirelessApple AirPods Look
boAt Airdopes 441 ProMostly Chosen
Skullcandy Dime Truly WirelessBranded Pick

JBL C115 True Wireless Earbuds

JBL C115 True Wireless - Bestgadgetbestbudget.com

Without any doubt, JBL has been a very prominent brand for the last 75 years offering great sound quality. It has been known to offer crystal clear sound. Here, we have reviewed the JBL C115 True Wireless Earbuds which were launched back in September 2021. It has a sleek design that looks very premium in hands.

JBL C115 True Wireless Earbuds have almost 80k ratings with an overall score of 3.9 out of 5 which is considered very good. People are loving this device. It has a lot of cool features which we will be talking about now.

The battery backup is pretty awesome and it can easily work for 2-3 days on a single charge. The overall battery backup is about 21 hours including 6 hours on earbuds and 15 hours on the charging case. You will be getting 4 color options consisting Black, White, Mint, and Red.

Key Points after review:

  • Great Battery Backup with 21 Hours of Total Playtime.
  • Quick Charging offering 1 Hour playtime in just 15 mins of charging.
  • Ergonomic design which ensures comfort for long hours.
  • Fast Connect with previously connected devices ensures easy compatibility.
  • Voice Assistance Inegration makes it easier to do tasks on the go.

Now Let’s have look at these Pros and Cons Points. Look at them carefully as these might be the decided factors.

Great Battery LifeMight not Fit properly for some people
Crystal-clear sound Quality
Hassle-free voice calls

Check JBL C115 on Amazon Here.

OnePlus Nord Buds True Wireless

OnePlus Nord Buds - Bestgadgetbestbudget.com

These best TWS earbuds OnePlus Nord Buds has been the most awaited product. It comes with the 12.4 mm Dynamic Drivers which also support the Dolby Atmos. Yes, you can expect a Powerful Bass from these sound drivers. The Low Latency Mode ensures seamless sound delivery while gaming.

The total battery backup is 30 hours combined for both tws and the power case, 7 hours in the earbuds. Amazingly, the Fast Charging ensures up to 5 hours of playtime in just 10 minutes of charging. The IP55 Certification makes it water & sweat Resistant. It comes with Dual microphones per earbud to ensure perfect call without any sound disturbance.

If you are owning a OnePlus smartphone then you can go with it without any second thought. All these incredible specs made it stand in the first position for the best truly wireless earbuds under 3000.

Key Points:

  • 12.4 mm Titanium Dynamic Drivers ensure Powerful Bass
  • Dolby Atmos with Dirac Audio Tuner Digital Technology
  • Total of 30 hours Long Battery Life
  • IP55 makes it useable in water splashes and sweat droplets
  • Dual Microphones
  • Instant Quick Pairing with Bluetooth 5.0
An application is also available so you can get all updatesYou can not adjust the volume directly through earbuds
Its charging case is relatively lighter
The charging case can charge the earbuds four times in one go
Super fast pairing with smartphones and LED TVs

Check out OnePlus Nord Buds on Amazon Here.

boAt Airdopes 441 Pro TWS Earbuds

boAt Airdopes 441 Pro TWS - Bestgadgetbestbudget.com

So, here we have the fourth pick for you in the best earbuds under 3000. It is from the house of boAt, the all-new boAt Airdopes 441 Pro. It’s a premium quality earbud that will satisfy you with each aspect. Along with it, you get some earmuffs to get your perfect fit. It is sporty and has a lightweight design.

The frequency rate is 20Hz to 20kHz with a sensitivity of 108 dB at 1mW along with a Noise Isolation capacity of 24 dB. It has 10mm HD sound drivers with powerful bass. And for connectivity, it has Bluetooth v5.0 along with an impedance of 22 Ω. You will feel hassle-free for connection and these earbuds also give you a nice gaming experience.

It has the capacity of playing music for 5 hours per charge with a charging case of 150 Hrs of battery. The Type-C charging facility ensures easy and fast charging too. So many color options, wish you will find your favorite color too.

If you are a fitness freak or athlete then earbuds must support Sweat and Water resistance and so, voila! This earbud has IPX7 Water and Sweat Resistance which integrates into the design of the earbuds, to allow safer portability and also provides that dual option of workouts and in-vibe chilling situations!

Key Points:

  • Multi Color options of Black, Blue, Red, Lime, and Yellow
  • Total playtime of 150 Hr with charging case
  • Bluetooth Range is pretty good of 10 meters
  • Waterproofing Certification of IPX7
It has the most advanced version Bluetooth 5.0Noise cancellations do not work during calls
Capacitive Touch Control CTC technology is used in it
It comes with stereo-calling functions
Type C charging gives you a hassle-free experience

Check boAt Airdopes 441 Pro on Amazon Here.

Skullcandy Dime Truly Wireless

Skullcandy Dime Bluetooth Truly Wireless In Ear Earbuds - Bestgadgetbestbudget.com

The logo of Skullcandy has a separate fan base. You might be the one from them. Skullcandy Dime Truly Wireless Earbuds comes in the slighly mid-premium earbuds. We found out that the battery life of Dime is a bit on lower side as compare to other options mentioned above.

It offer total of 12 hours of battery life, 3.5 on Earbuds after a single charge. It is quite low but since it is Skullcandy it offer very crisp sound quality. Besides this, it feels very compact in hands. The charging case is about the size of a car keys. You can take it anywhere easily and won’t feel burden of it.

There are some quick key points, Pros, and Cons we obsered while hands-on review of this Skullcandy Dime TWS.

Key Points:

  • 12 hours of Total Playtime including Charging Case.
  • It is protected by IPX4 Sweat and Water Resistant.
  • Small compact size
Compact Handy SizeLess Battery Backup
No comparison with Sound Quality

Check Skullcandy Dime on Amazon here.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between wireless & truly wireless earbuds?

Truly wireless earbuds are the next level of wireless earbuds. In truly wireless earbuds, there is no wire connecting the earbuds with each other or with the source device. They are completely wireless and offer more freedom of movement as compared to wireless earbuds.

Can earbuds damage your ears?

Earbuds are not harmful to your ears unless you use them for a very long time. If you use earbuds for more than 4-5 hours a day, then there is a possibility that they might affect your hearing capabilities.

Which TWS is best for calls under 3000?

If you are looking for TWS earbuds for calls under 3000, then one plus buds Z is the best tws under 3000 for you.

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