[Review] Molife Sense 500 Calling Watch: Everything you need to know

Molife is an Indian company that focuses on developing mobile and daily lifestyle gadgets. The all-new Molife Sense 500 was launched in March 2021 and has received an enormous response within few weeks of its launch. Sense 500 Smartwatch is priced at Rs 6,999 and is available for around Rs 4,499 on Amazon.in and of course on their official website molifeworld.com.

The watch is available in two different color variants, Mystic Silver & Carbon Black. It is packed with so many awesome and useful features which you can find below in detail. One thing about the watch that we will like to highlight is its Calling Feature. You will learn more about it below.

In the end, you will find some FAQs related to Molife Sense 500, must check them out to clear all your doubts regarding the watch. Still, if you find your doubt answered, please let us know we will be happy to help you 🙂

Review: Molife Sense 500 Budget Smartwatch

This review is totally based on our honest observations about the watch.

Box Contents

Molife Sense 500 Box Contents
Box Content: Molife Sense 500

These are some box contents that you receive with this smartwatch. It contains 1N Watch, 1N Charging Cable, and 1N User Manual. There is not much stuff and the box looks quite small. The strap has already attached to the watch.

Design & Build

Molife Sense 500 Design Built

We would like to start with, Molife Sense 500 looks premium on hand. Talking about the design, you compare it with Apple Watches, which looks very much similar to the iWatches. The body is made up of strong Aircraft-graded Aluminum and you get a microphone & a button on the right side to ON/OFF the watch.

There is a speaker output on its left side which is useful while calling or listening to music. Yes, you can listen to music on the watch and change/play/pause music directly with the watch, you just need to connect your watch with the mobile phone. There is no option to change the volume. Other smartwatches in this budget segment do not have a metallic body and which makes them look quite cheap and regular watch.

IP68 Dust and Water resistance ensures that it’s safe underwater or sweat or splashes that make it wearable hassle-free. It is built to survive underwater up to 1.5m and for up to 15 minutes.

The strap that you get with watching looks average, there could be better quality. But, you can customize your strap or if required change it with other colorful straps available online.


Here comes the most important part of the review, the Display. It’s a huge 1.7-inch edge-to edge-TFT display which is of course a full touch display. You get the 2.5D curved edges which again makes it look good in the hand. The resolution offered is 240 x 280 which is quite interesting in this budget. It is powered by Realtek Chipset.

The brightness level is good, you won’t find any difficulty while using it under the sunlight. Also, there is a manual option to change the brightness level.

Battery & Charging

Charging Cable Molife Sense 500

The battery capacity is 220 mAh which makes it continuously work for up to 3 days with all features and sensors working, and stand-by for up to 15 days. You get a Snap-on Magnetic Charging cable within the box. The only thing you might not find good in this watch is its battery capacity. Better, if it could have been upgraded to 7-1o days.

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Features: Molife Sense 500

There are so many features available to track your daily fitness & health status, read messages, camera control, play music, etc. Have a look!

Calling Feature

The most interesting thing about this watch is the Calling Feature. After successfully pairing the watch with your phone using the Da Fit app, you can call using the watch. The interesting part of this feature is, you do not need to pick your phone to call. There is a dialing pad available which you can easily use to dial the number and talk.

One more helpful option is “Recent Calls”, you will the numbers recently called on the watch itself.

Sports Modes

A total of 8 Sports modes are available on the watch: walking, running, skipping, cycling, badminton, basketball, football, and swimming. These different sports modes work accordingly and help you track your calories burnt, steps count, distance covered, and real-time heart rate.

Health Monitoring

Molife Sense 500 comes with the following health monitoring sensors: Real-time heart rate, SpO2, & BP monitor. The real-time heart rate allows you to monitor your heart-rate throughout the day (battery consumption increases). Using SpO2 you can measure the blood oxygen level and a BP monitor measures both systolic & diastolic.

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Thereby we recommend you do not depend fully on these readings. As being an electronic device, it might not be 100% accurate all the time. So, if your very first priority is health monitoring then you should go with premium smartwatches from Apple and other brands. Expecting such accurate sensors in this budget segment is not advisable.

FAQs about Molife Sense 500

Should you go with Molife Sense 500?

The answer is Yes. Molife Sense 500 comes with everything you can expect for a budget of Rs 5000. The only thing you might need to compromise is the battery life.

Is it the Best Smartwatch Under Rs 5000?

The eye-catching feature in Sense 500 is the Calling Feature with good enough voice quality. So, this is one of the best smartwatches under 5000.

Does the Sensors work on the surface?

You might have noticed some of the watches show readings while kept on the surface or hanging in the air or some might not show. Yes, Molife Sense 500 also shows reading while kept on the surface or hanged in the air. We contact Molife Team regarding the same thing.
There are actually some vibrations on the surface which sometimes sensors read and monitor. So, you do not need to worry about it.

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