Publishing Audiobooks – A Profitable Opportunity

Writing a book requires a great amount of time, creativity, thought process and intellect. It is the amalgamation of an author’s thoughts, experiences, values, and vision. Over time, the dynamics of writing a book have changed drastically.

The contents of a book, the way it’s written are all examples of the changing dynamism in authoring a book. In fact, the way books are published and distributed have undergone a significant change.

Today, the process of publishing and distribution has been revolutionized by technological advancement. Two examples of this revolutionary change are eBooks and audiobooks. This article will focus on the audiobook market and audiobook publishing services available in the market.

The Growth of the Audiobook Market

You will be surprised to know that the audiobook sales have surpassed ebook sales in the year 2021. In 2021, audiobooks recorded a sale of close to $1.3 billion. What’s unique about the audiobook format is the convenience that it offers. As a reader, you are no longer required to stare at screens for long hours that affects your eyes.

Audiobooks allow you to access your favorite books at any time comfortably. You can plug in your headphones or even simply listen over the speaker. Audiobooks are a great buy for people who are constantly on the move due to work or are travel aficionados. Audiobooks are certainly far more comfortable when compared with ebooks.

It is due to these very benefits that the revenue from audiobook industry has increased by 17% in 2020. The number of readers has also increased considerably. It is estimated that close to 130 million people preferred listening to audiobooks in 2021.

Thus, it becomes evidently clear that the audiobook market is extremely profitable and has a bright future ahead. It is an opportunity that every author must capitalize upon. For young and independent authors, investong in audiobooks can prove to be a turning point in their careers. The following segment will talk more about the audiobook publishing servicebeing provided by a leading agency- MindStir Media.

Audiobook Publishing Packages and Services

MindStir Media is a leading self-publishing agency in the U.S. It is the brainchild of Amazon’s #1 bestselling author of 5 books- J.J. Hebert. The company is known for its policy of providing affordable publishing services and encouraging young authors. Also, the company provides several mentoring and expert services that highly benefit the authors and their work.

Recognizing the potential that the digital platform holds in terms of publishing, the company has a dedicated team for it. Each author is even assigned a representative who manages the entire project.

On the audiobook front, the company has tie-ups with more than 50 platforms. These include the likes of Amazon, Audible, Apple Music,, etc. MindStir Media helps you convert your book in the audio format and publish it.

The audiobook package comes at a cost of $7000. As a part of this package, a trained professional will convert your book into the audio format. The package would cover a total of 50k words. Additional words would be chargeable $0.1/word. Apart from the narration, the audiobook will be edited in a manner that it will easily be approved for distribution.

The audiobook cover will be designed, an ISBN number will be allotted, and the distribution process will be initiated. The author will receive the final audiobook file and 70% royalty payments per month as well. To monitor and boost sales, digital sales reports will also be prepared and shared with the authors.

The entire process of narration and distribution would take around 3-4 months.

Certainly, the audiobook service is a worthy investment and MindStir Media offers a wonderful platform for the same.

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