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Microwave is becoming a necessity of kitchen nowadays.

Microwave is a very useful thing at this time, which is being used in almost every household. Nowadays, many such dishes are being made, which microwave ovens are used to make. You have to make popcorn, reheat the pizza, cook it, heat it, grill it, bake it, you can do it in less time and with less energy.

The oven is an all-around insulating chamber that is used for cooking. If a microwave is used for cooking, it is called a microwave oven. Also, gas ovens and electric ovens (OTG Oven-Toaster -Grill) also come.

One of the properties of these high frequencies is that the water, fat, and sugar molecules are stimulated which they start vibrating, due to these vibrations, they generate heat, which cooks the food kept in a microwave oven, it is hot as well. Plastics, ceramics, glass, etc. do not absorb this wave by which they are not heated and only the food kept in them is hot.

This machine is run with the help of electricity, so it is very important to understand its working style before using it. Here various types of essentials related to this are being described, Metal utensils are not used in this because they reflect the waves. Due to which the waves do not reach the food kept in them, which they do not cook and also damages the oven

Buyers Guide: Best Microwave Oven in India

microwave oven buying guide

Types of Microwave Oven:


It is a simple type of microwave in which we can cook or heat it. But you cannot bake and grill food in it. Talking about the prices, their prices are cheaper.

Grill Microwave Oven

It also has an option of grilling along with a microwave so that you can grill and roast. It has a grill plate or metal rack for the grill. Adding, during this COVID-19 Pandemic, we would suggest you have a look at – Best Air Purifiers In India For Home.

Convection Microwave Oven

This type of microwave has a froth. So that the hot air flows in a form inside the chamber. Which is good for baking and helps you to roast, brown, and grill the food well.

Points to remember before buying a Microwave Oven

Capacity of the Oven

The capacity of a microwave oven is measured in liters. You should take a microwave according to your convenience and the number of family members. Microwaves of 20 to 30 liters capacity are suitable for a small family and if your family is large then you can buy a microwave with more capacity.

Space you Have

Microwaves are usually kept in the kitchen, so before taking a microwave, make sure that there is so much space in your kitchen and according to this you should determine the size of the microwave.


It takes longer to cook food when taking a low power microwave. Microwaves usually come in between 600 and 1500 watt power ratings. If you want to cook more, then you should take a microwave with a higher power. Microwaves above 800 watts should normally be taken.

Best Microwave Oven In India - buyer's guide
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Budget and uses

Budget is the factor that affects everything, so you should also keep in mind why you need to take a microwave, do you just want to heat or cook food in it or do you want to bake it or You also need a grill. After considering all these aspects, one should buy microwaves according to their budget.

Solo microwaves are cheap. Grill microwaves are a little more expensive than them and convection microwaves will be more expensive than them.

Warranty and After Sales services

Also, keep in mind that the company whose microwave oven you are taking is giving you a warranty for years. Generally, a warranty period of 3 to 5 years is given by the company. Also, find out how the company’s after-sales service is in your city so that if there is any technical problem in it after purchasing the microwave, then the company should remove it as soon as possible.

Features : Best Microwave Oven to Buy in 2020

Best Microwave Oven buying guide

Automatic sensors

This technology tells you whether the food is fully cooked or not. The common problem with taking new microwaves is how long the timer has to be set, as a result of which the food becomes overcooked or undercooked. This feature does not require you to set a timer. The sensor keeps checking the humidity and stream level of the food and turns off the oven itself when the food is cooked.


This is used to keep the food rotating automatically so that the food is fully cooked from all sides and if you are roasting then it can roast well.

Child Safety Locks

When the dishes placed in the microwave oven are removed, they are extremely hot, so a child safety lock is required so that the child cannot open the door. This number is done with a keypad lock. This feature is a useful feature for child safety.

Shortcut keys

In this, you are given shortcut keys for some functions. These shortcut keys are the automatic settings of common recipes such as for popcorn, pizza, for oatmeal.

Removable racks

With this you can make more than one thing at a time, you can remove or add racks as per your convenience and you can make different food in different racks. If you are really want to invest in Best Microwave Oven “Gadgetheart” brings the top Microwave ovens for you.

Warning: Effects of Using Microwave Oven

Many scientists have researched the disintegration and destructive effects caused by molecular movement in food, incidentally due to exposure to excessive energy. Microwave Oven was banned in 1976 due to the negative effects on health found in Russian scientific research findings, although it was removed in the 1990s as soon as the Soviet Union ended.

The nutritional content of foods in microwave ovens is reduced by 60 to 90 percent and the structural disintegration of food is accelerated. Cataracts occur. Since the cornea of ​​the eye does not have blood vessels, it does not have the ability to control temperature, so the cells of the cornea cannot bear the temperature and other stresses.

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It is also important to take care of its cleanliness while using it. While cooking food, the vapor of food keeps accumulating in this machine, which slowly takes the form of dirt.

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