7 Best Microphones Under 5000 [Youtube/Singing] | Updated 2022

Nowadays, everyone is coming online and sharing their reviews and content with social media or you can say on online platforms. So, we thought of working on this demanding topic – “Best Microphones Under 5000”. We assure you to help you out regarding your new Microphone.

After recording Sound with your ordinary Mic, you might notice that a lot of background sound is coming, and also the voice is not satisfying or perfect. These microphones come as the best solution for these similar types of problems.

A Professional microphone helps you to record in a better way. Most of them are Noise Cancelling, hence makes it easy to work on Voice-tuning. Also, we have another article, you should have a look at – Best Professional Condenser Mic Under 10000.

After reading our guide, you will get the best option for mic and we hope our efforts on Best Mic Under under 5000 is worth it. So, without wasting any more words and time, let’s dive into the main content.

7 Best Microphones Under 5000 India

1. Maono AU-PM420 USB Condenser MicrophoneOverall Best PickCheck Price
2. Fifine T669 Condenser USB MicrophoneRunner-Up PickCheck Price
3. Maono AU-A04H Condenser MicrophoneValue for MoneyCheck Price
4. Fifine K669B Condenser MicrophoneMost RatedCheck Price
5. Maono AU-A03 Condenser MicrophoneHonorable MentionCheck Price
6. Generic Sound Professional Condenser MicPocket FriendlyCheck Price
7. BOYA by-MM1 Cardioid Shotgun MicrophoneShotgun Mobile MicCheck Price

1. Maono AU-PM420 USB Condenser Microphone

best mic under 5000 - Maono AU-PM420

Maono has been doing such a great job in the microphone category. This AU-PM420 is another best mic under 5000 which is a USB Condenser Microphone. If you need a mic for the studio, voiceovers, singing, or let it be anything to record your crystal clear sound.

Then, this will fulfill all your needs. It is a professional mic used for many purposes. Preferred to be used in silent room.

Build Quality

The material used is strong Metal which also makes it shine. Adding a feature to its look. The arm stand and shock mount shown in the picture above are all included with the mic.

They are also made up of high-quality metal ensuring protection all-around. Pop filter and windscreen cap also included (not shown in the above picture) help lower wind and saliva interference.

Maono AU-PM420 USB Podcast Condenser Microphone
Actual Photo from BestGadgetBestBudget.com Studio

Microphone Quality

AU-Ao4 comes with a premium sound chipset and a 16mm electric condenser transducer. It allows holding a high-resolution sampling rate up to 192KHz/24bit.

The Cardioid Polar Pattern helps to reduce the pickup of sounds from the sides. But, we prefer it using in a silent room or covered with sound absorbers. The microphone quality is superb! It worth every penny it costs.


If your budget is Rs 5000 then no doubt Maono AU-PM420 is the best mic under 5000. Go for it and let us know your review in the comment section below. Your words matter a lot for us and other viewers too.

Hi-RES Sampling RateCan’t be used with smartphones
Plug & Play
Cardiod Polar Pattern
Arm Stand and other accessories included

Buy Maono AU-PM420 Condenser Microphone here:

2. Fifine T669 Condenser Microphone

best mic under 5000 - Fifine T669 Condenser

Fifine T669 Mic is another pick for the best condenser microphone under 5000. All the accessories shown in the images are included with the product itself. One extra thing that you don’t get in the above mic is a tripod.

Build Quality

You get a volume control button itself on the microphone. It is built up to high-quality strong metal. Along with it, the arms stand and shock mount are strong too.

Easy to use, direct plug in USB and use it. No need to install any extra driver. The pop filter consists of 2 layers providing better noise reduction. The wire is 205m long.

Microphone Quality

It is a studio mic so preferred for all kinds of related works. You can use it for voiceovers, online stream, or singing. Sound quality is very fine and clear. The volume button allows you to control sound easily.

The double pop filter will help you reduce surrounding noise but you might observe little bit noise. It records perfect in a silent room or with sound absorbers.


Fifine T669 can be found a bit cheaper in sales or discount deals. Good pick for beginners.

Excellent Sound QualityNo Noise Cancellation
Durable Arm Set
High-quality metal construction
Double Pop filter

Buy Fifine T669 Condenser Microphone here:

3. Maono AU-A04 Condenser Microphone

Maono AU-A04- Best Condenser Microphones under 5000

The Maono AU-A04 is an expert condenser microphone that’s designed with a professional sound chipset and additionally filled with the excessive decision sapling rate.

If we talk about the versatility of this Maono AU-A04 condenser microphone then it’ll be extra best for your own home recordings, podcasts, and additionally for voice covers.

Build Quality

The build quality you get with this condenser microphone is stable enough. A pop filter, a windscreen, and an increased arm with this microphone. And all of this stuff permit you to use this microphone properly away.

Since it’s far a USB microphone, you do not even want an audio mixer or a phantom electricity delivery to apply it together along with your device.

Microphone Quality

Unlike maximum USB microphones, this one does now no longer want any drivers to be established for the use of it. You may even use it together along with your phone with the assist of an OTG adapter. And considering the fact that it’s far a condenser microphone, the audio exceptional is pretty good.

This mic promises you not to face any trouble at the same time as recording.


Maono AU-A04 is likewise accurate and this microphone comes with a solid stand which means you’ll be capable to use it without problems. And it ensures pleasant voice quality. The microphone could be picked for the domestic studio as nicely as.

Pros Cons
High dynamic rangeNo negative point we found.
A decent inbuilt pop filter
High-quality metal construction
Excellent vocal clarity

Buy Maono AU-A04 Condenser Mic here:

4. Fifine K669B Condenser Microphone

Fifine K669B - Best Condenser Microphones Under 5000

The Fifine K669B is like-minded with all of the gadgets which include a Computer PC, Laptop, or PlayStation that connects immediately thru a USB port for recording music, singing, or podcast.

Also, if we talk about the total length of the microphone USB cable is 5.9 foot which is very good and enough. You can easily Plug and play USB recording. Overall, this microphone will now no longer create any trouble even as connecting with any device.

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Build Quality

The solid body of the overall Microphone is stylish. With an honest review, the stable rack-stand that makes the microphone overall straightforward to use. And while you are streaming or doing voice-overs, the stand will remain stable, and you’ll be able to access the full microphone. This is the best microphone in the list of Best Microphones Under 5000.

  • The USB Plug of the microphone is lengthy sufficient to hold to the table of your computer or PC.
  • The Metal Stand of the tripod stays very handy while you are doing the recording.

Microphone Quality

The Condenser of the microphone with USB is superb for virtual recording. The microphone has an exceptional cardioid choice up the pattern, to be able to decorate the excellent of your file. It is without a doubt an exceptional selecting up vocals and leaving heritage noise out of the recorded audio.

While Recording with the microphone, the extent manage permits you to adjust the voice input.

Also with the incredibly smooth, prolonged frequency reaction, this USB Condenser Mic preferably gives the best quality perfect for podcasting, for domestic studio additionally the microphone will be an awesome choice.


Fifine K669B Condenser Microphone is filled with many extremely good functions that allow you to decorate the usage of the microphone. It will not disappoint you for sure. All these things made it stand on the first position for Best Condenser Mic Under 5K in India.

Multisystem CompatibilityNot accessible with Xbox and Smartphones
Lightweight (400 Grams)No Arm Stand Included
Metallic Body
One Year of Warranty

Buy Fifine K669B Condenser Microphone here:

5. Maono AU-A03 Condenser Microphone

Mono AU-A03- Best Microphones Under 5000

The Maono AU-A03 microph0ne is stuffed with Cardioid Pick-up Pattern which works is to focus only on the main voice and not to record the extra background noise.

It is compatible with windows and as well as for mac. For Laptop and pc, you should have a Y adaptor which is present already with the microphone kit.

Build Quality

With a pop filter and a foam windscreen, the condenser mic statistics your voice, and the sound crystal clear, the surprise mount holds the microphone consistent with the damping function.

You get a USB microphone, a pop filter, a windscreen, and a growth arm with this microphone. And all of these items will let you use this microphone properly away.

Since it’s miles a USB microphone, you do now no longer even want an audio mixer or phantom energy delivery to apply it together along with your smartphone.

Microphone Quality

You get the whole lot on this microphone package that you may ever want for recording audio the usage of it. And all the covered add-ons are of excessive-quality.

Since that is a USB microphone, it has an in-built sound chipset. It gives assistance for a sampling charge of 192 kHz 24-bit audio that is pretty good. You can assume top-notch first-class with low virtual noise from this USB microphone.


This microphone package from Maono may be a terrific choice in case you need to begin the use of your microphone properly away. It lets you apply it without shopping for any more add-ons for it.

In view that it’s far a USB microphone, it’s far a plug and play tool that doesn’t want any drivers.

Includes free mic stand holder and a carry bagNo negative point
Excellent audio quality
A decent inbuilt pop filter
High-quality metal construction

Buy Maono AU-A03 Condenser Microphone here:

6. Generic Sound Professional Condenser Mic

Generic Sound- Best Professional Condenser Mic under 5k

The Generic is an expert silver color condenser dynamic microphone with a blue-lined head for recording. The microphone is full of Smooth, prolonged frequency reaction which is especially for singing, speech, or instruments.

This is a dynamic microphone that works solely through a sound card or a phantom power offer, mic won’t support any electronic equipment directly and can not work on sensible phones.

Build Quality

This skilled Black Condenser Dynamic mic with Gold Head Mic is also suitable for sound studio recording. The Shock Mount massive condenser microphone detail for heat, wealthy recordings. The Epicycloid pickup sample minimizes history noise and isolates the principle sound supply.

The smooth prolonged frequency reaction is first-rate for singing, speech, and instruments. The anti-wind foam cap protects your microphone in opposition to wind interference and also the singer’s spit. Also, it enables clean voice recording.

Microphone Quality

It gives super voice readability which makes it good for things as singing, recreation streaming, or podcasts. And it additionally has a fantastic proximity impact which many customers love for those applications.

If you’re seeking out for a nice microphone with proper vocals, then this microphone may be an extremely good option. It comes with diverse functions and gives respectable audio quality. 


Generic sound professional condenser microphone is no doubt a good choice to go within its segment. It is stuffed with a smooth, extended frequency response. Selecting this mic won’t disappoint you and also the microphone has great cardioid pick up pattern which will only focus on the main sound and background sound will not be recorded.

Great audio qualityAverage Build Quality
Background noise cancellation
Uniform cardioid pickup pattern

Buy Generic Sound Professional Condenser Mic here:

7. BOYA by-MM1 Cardioid Shotgun Microphone

BOYA by-MM1 Cardioid- Best Shotgun Microphone in india

BOYA is a first-rate condenser microphone brand, is a famous producer of electro-acoustic products. This Shotgun Microphone is accessible for smartphone, DSLR Camera Camcorder, and recorder.

This microphone would not require any batteries simply to join it to the cellphone or DSLR in which you need to attach it. So, ordinary you do should not fear approximately the batteries. This is a superb function of this microphone.

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Build Quality

This microphone has a totally extensive frequency reaction which makes it a superb choice for all styles of applications. And despite the fact that that is a dynamic microphone, it sounds pretty herbal and open whilst in comparison to different alternatives at this price.

Also, if we speak approximately the entire weight of the microphone then it’s miles simplest 181 grams which is mostly a very much less weight. You can without problems take care of this microphone in hand also.

Microphone Quality

One of the quality matters of approximately this microphone is its audio quality. The cardioid pickup sample of this microphone gives a completely herbal sounding voice.

And it has a completely easy frequency easy which makes this microphone an outstanding usual option. You additionally get free from noise cancellation with this microphone in view that it’s far a dynamic one.

The last pick for best mic under 5000.


It is one amongst the simplest worth for cash choices out there once it involves microphones. You get wonderful audio quality with nice client support via its 1-year guarantee. The enclosed stand adapter and carry case create the general expertise even higher.

Excellent audio qualityAverage Build Quality
No Batteries are required
Decent background noise cancellation
One Year Warranty

Buy BOYA by-MM1 Cardioid Shotgun Mic here:

Conclusion – Best Microphones Under 5000

Here, our list ends with a deep discussion about 5 condenser mic available in the budget. We hope our article has helped you to choose your new microphone. We have described each and a single point about the microphones in detail.

Still, if you are facing any problem please let us know through the comment section.

How Will You choose Your New Microphone?

The most vital factor to raise yourself once selecting a microphone is however you propose to use it. Will you be using it on stage for vocals or to mic an instrument? Is it intended for home-studio recording? Or are you looking for something that can perform well in either situation?

You want to match the mic to both the environment you’ll use it in and the gear you’ll use it with. for example, it’d not create tons of sense to pay thousands on a Neumann studio mic if you propose to use it for recording basic demos in your room studio.

The acoustics will likely be less than perfect and you’ll want to couple it with a high-end mic preamp, transportation your total value up quite a bit. Consequently, a less sensitive and more cost-effective mike may be an improved alternative.

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