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Nothing is better than gaming. When it comes to gaming then accessories like headphones, keyboards, or mice might come to our minds. So, the Best Gaming Headphones Under 10000 is for you. We are going to talk about one of the most important ingredients of gaming, which is gaming headphones.

Everyone loves to wear gaming headphones while gaming because the headset gives a very great experience of gaming. The boosted sound and the powerful bass feel us that we are actually there and experiencing it. By the way, just to info you, there is another article for premium headphones under 10k which are not gaming specified.

If you are going for a gaming headset under 10000 then you have landed on the right page. Also, you check more Sound Devices relates articles. You will be satisfied with our reviews. So, let’s have a look at the best gaming headphone for you under the price range of 10000.

Best Gaming Headphones Under 10000 India

1. Razer Kraken Tournament Ed Wired Gaming HeadsetOverall Best PickCheck Price
2. HyperX Cloud Alpha Pro Gaming HeadsetRunner Up PickCheck Price
3. Runmus Gaming HeadsetBest Feature Rich HeadsetCheck Price
4. Creative Sound BlasterX H6 USB Gaming HeadsetValue For MoneyCheck Price
5. Corsair HS50 PRO Stereo Gaming HeadsetBest Budget Range HeadsetCheck Price

1. Razer Kraken Tournament Ed Wired Gaming Headset

best headphones under 10000

The Razer Kraken gaming headphone is one of the best gaming headphones. It comes with a USB audio controller, which will provide convenient control of the audio of the headphone. If we talk about the sound quality of the headphone then it delivers a high powerful sound experience.

Razer Gaming headphone is filled up with a special feature known as (DAC) Digital to Analog Converter. It will increase the overall sound crisp and also give a clear audio output. No doubt! This headphone is pretty good it also comes with an option which will give you a boost while playing.

The Game Chat option, so basically you have noticed that while you are playing with friends inside the game. The sound of the game dominates much and you are not able to hear your teammate voice or friend’s voice anymore. But by enabling the option, which is the game chat option you can hear your teammate vice clearly without any single problem.

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If you are looking for gaming headphone which will boost your overall gaming experience then trust us, go with this headphone. This headphone will not disappoint you for sure.

This headphone is one of the best gaming headphones under the price range of 10000. That’s why we have included this gaming headphone in No.1 in the list of best gaming headphones under 10000.

1. Custom-Tuned 50 mm Drivers1. No negative point is there with this headset.
2. Game/Chat Balance
3. One Year of warranty
4. THX Spatial Audio


ManufacturerRazer Inc.
Item Weight322 g
WarrantyOne Year

Buy Razer Kraken Tournament Ed Wired Gaming Headset here:

2. HyperX Cloud HX-HSCLS-BL/EM Gaming Headset

best gaming headphone in india

The Hyper X cloud gaming headset is the most demanding gaming headset in India. The headset is officially licensed by Sony interactive entertainment LLC for PS4 gamers, which means it is recommended to play with this headset if you are a PS4 gamer.

This gaming headphone is designed with an aluminum frame which gives an elegant look to the headset. Also, it makes the headphone more durable in comparison to plastic body headphones. If we talk for the comfort level of the Hyper X headset, then it is padded with memory foam in-ear cushions which will provide a durable comfort for gamers. The foam will not pain your ears even you are playing for continuous hours.

The audio quality of the headset is very much good. You may experience a new level of gaming sound which is produced by Cloud’s crystal clear sound and which is enhanced by bass reproduction.

The cable of the gaming headset is flexible and durable, It cannot be damaged easily. Also, the microphone of the headphone is detachable. You can connect the mic or remove the mic as per your comfort need.


If you are a PS4 gamer then no doubt you should go with this headset as it especially licensed by Sony for PS4. The audio quality and overall body quality is quite good. It can be a good option for you.

1. Especially designed for PS4 gamers1. Specially picked for PS4
2. The earpads of the headset is comfortable.
3. Microphone is detachable.
4. The cable is durable.


ManufacturerKingston Technology Corporation
Item Weight337 g
Warranty2 Years

Buy Hyper X Cloud Gaming Headset here:

3. Runmus Gaming Headset

best gaming headphones in india

The Runmus Gaming Headset is truly one of the best gaming headsets in India. those who have already used this brand’s headphone they already know about the boosted sound quality of the headset.

This Gaming Headset is equipped with a 50 mm audio drivers, which will give you a boosted sound to your ears. If we talk about the overall look then no doubt it’s awesome.


If you are playing FPP games like Call of duty, Pubg and etc. Then you should obviously go with this headset because the headset is stuffed with responsive audio drivers. Runmus Gaming Headset delivers the sound in a very proper manner. You can really identify that from where the bullets are coming and footsteps of the enemy and etc.

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If we talk for the overall weight of the headset then it is only 340 grams, very lightweight you can easily play your games continuously for long hours without feeling a single pain in the head. Also, the ergonomic design of the headset is very cool.

1. Noise-canceling microphone1. No warranty details are there
2.  50mm Audio drivers
3. Ergonomic design & lightweight material


Item Weight340 g

Buy Runmus Gaming Headset here:

4. Creative Sound BlasterX H6 USB Gaming Headset

best gaming headset under 10000

Gaming headset Creative Sound blasterx H6 with emotion technology full virtual 7.1 which will provide you the best sound quality while playing also about audio then you can easily customize your gaming audio by customizable audio option.

Blaster X set specially optimized to ensure that the voice you are speaking is clearly audible to your teammates overall the headphone is perfect for team-based games like Call of Duty also the LED light that indicates when you have muted the sound.

The comfortability of the headset then you can play long as with headset the detachable your curves are made of breathable mesh fabric that allows the heat to comes out of the headset and the built-in memory foam fits according to your shape of the head.

BlasterX gaming headset is equipped with the powerful 50mm neodymium drivers which will produce your powerful audio to hear also the audio is very clear and sharp.


The gaming headset is overall quite good you can experience a good sound quality and gaming experience no doubt. But yes it especially for teammate based games because the audio which will produce through your Mic will be very clear and sharp, so must try.

1. Clear Communications with Teammates1. No Negative point we found
2. Comfortable for Long Hours
3. Memory Foam Fabric Earpads


Country of OriginIndia
Item Weight599 g
WarrantyOne Year

Buy Creative Sound BlasterX H6 here:

5. Corsair HS60 Pro Stereo Gaming Headset

best gaming headphones under 10000

The gaming headset Corsair HS60 is a special design for giving the consumer a very convenient use. The ear cups which is consist of very soft memory foam which is provided in-ear cups of the headphone are exceptional. It can be used for long hours of playing and you will not feel a single pain.

The sound quality of the headset then it is stuffed with 50mm of neodymium audio drivers which delivers good sound quality and if you are a lover of Battlefield game then it will be fit best.

Corsair HS60 Pro is filled up with the noise cancellation unidirectional microphone which is a detachable microphone. It especially works for reducing the noises for excellent voice clarity and also the overall body of a headset is very lightweight and durable. It can be used up to two to three years.

Also, the gaming headset is best for certified because this gaming headset has crystal clear communication with your teammates so this will give you have used while playing and it made based came so must try it.


If we talked about the headset is its verdict or not then it’s absolutely verdict because this headset is the best gaming headphones under 10000 rupees. also, the features which are very good, all user-friendly features are there.

You will not face a single problem with it and also the headset comes with two years of warranty.

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1. Two Years of Warranty1. No Cons
2. 50 mm neodymium audio drivers
3. Noise-cancelling unidirectional microphone


Item Weight320 g
Warranty2 Years

Buy Corsair HS60 Pro Stereo Gaming Headphone here:

Conclusion: Best Gaming Headphones Under 10000

Now our articles end here on best gaming headphones under 10000, we hope that this article has helped you to find your best headphone among the list. If Yes then do comment and let us know!

Also if you want and gaming headset which is overall good. like the build quality, sound quality, etc. then you should go with our Razer Kraken Tournament Ed Wired Gaming Headset, this headset will be suits you best so try it.

And if you are PS4 Gamers or Xbox gamers then you should try the gaming headphone HyperX Cloud HX-HSCLS-BL/EM Gaming Headset, which certified by the sony itself, so you should try this headset.

If you are finding the best budget range gaming headset which will provide you the best output under budget then must try this gaming headphone which is Corsair HS50 PRO Stereo Gaming Headset. This headphone is incredibly best in the budget range comes with 2 years of warranty. So must try it.

The all gaming headset which we have included in the list all are the best you can go with anyone, no doubt they all will give you a good performance while gaming. So our article ends here on best gaming headphones under 10000. Thanks for reading!

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