5 Best Electric Drum Sets (Pros & Cons) India | Updated 2022

India is a country of festivals. People love in our country to enjoy each and every bit of life. Life is incomplete without music. As we all know it’s a part of our culture too. I have also made a list of the 5 best electric drum sets in India to make your choice a bit easier.

But getting the right instruments is a must for a good musician. Here I will discuss the best musical instrument of 2022 “Electric drum sets”. An electric drum set is an instrument that is played by running your fingers over a series of pads that produce sounds when you hit them.

What is an electric drum set?

An electric drum set can be made up of as few as two pads (bass and snare) or as many as five. The pads are positioned on your left-hand side, with the lowest pad being the bass drum, the second pad being the snare, and so on.

The sounds are created electronically through amplifiers, speakers, or other devices attached to the kit. These drums are also known as MIDI drums or synthesizer drums. They have replaced the acoustic drums for many performers because of their convenience and variability in sound.

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Benefits of getting the Best Electric Drum kit

The drum set has been a staple in music for decades. It is used in almost all major musical genres, and it is the most popular instrument in the world.

There are many advantages to owning an electronic drum kit, such as:

  • Portability – Electronic drums can be assembled and disassembled easily, meaning they can be taken on the go. Drummers often have a hard time bringing their real drums with them when they travel, but with a digital version of their kit, they can bring their entire setup wherever they want to go.
  • Versatility – Electric versions of drums are versatile enough to play any style of music from rock to classical.
  • Durability – Unlike real drums, electronic versions are less likely to get damaged or broken due to how easy it is to transport them.

Check out more on benefits of electric drum here.

What you need to know before buying the Best Electric Drum Set?

Many people believe all-electric drum kits are the same. In fact, there are a lot of important features to consider before you buy the best electronic drum set.

Here is a list of features to look for when buying an electric drum kit:


Cymbals are important because they provide accents and fill with the main sounds of the drums. There are many varieties of cymbals, but all serve to create an interesting mix of percussive sounds from one or more areas on the left side of the set. Cymbals can be played by hand, with sticks or brushes. More expensive cymbals will have complex triggers that recognize when you’re playing the bow, edge, or bell. Furthermore, they’ll have triggers on the bottom so you can choke them with your hand.


The electronic drum kit simulates the sound of acoustic drums. A computer program controls the modules, which can produce different sounds. A higher-quality module produces higher-quality sound. For this reason, the best electronic drum kit must have upgraded modules.

Drum pads

Drum pads are an inexpensive way for musicians to practice their drumming skills. These pads come in various sizes and types, including chrome, rubber, mesh, and more. Some drum mats are made with a soft surface that can be used on any flooring, but others are designed specifically for use on carpeted floors.

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A trigger can be classified as any type of sensor that displaces an electronic drum set sound. That means that triggers are either single or multiple. First, there is a “drum head sensor”. When a drum head is struck, it displaces air which in turn moves the sensor and triggers the sound. Secondly, there are the “drum rack sensors.” These sensors are placed on various drums and cymbals to detect when they are struck.

5 Best Electric Drum Sets in India

1. Alesis Turbo Mesh Kit 7-Piece All-Mesh Electronic Drum KitBest Overall PickCheck Price
2. Behringer XD80USB Premium 8-Piece Electronic Drum SetHigh-rated Check Price
3. Alesis Debut Kit With 4 Mesh Electric Drum Set PadsBest for Kids Check Price
4. Alesis Compact Kit 7-Pad Electronic Table-top Drum KitTable-top Drum kit Check Price
5. Yamaha DD-75 Portable Digital DrumsPortable Drum kit Check Price

1. Alesis Turbo Mesh Kit 7-Piece All-Mesh Electronic Drum Kit

best electronic drum in india - Alesis Turbo Mesh Kit 7-Piece

The Turbo Mesh Kit gives you instant access to fun, simple, practice-friendly electric drum kits that will have your fingers on the hi-hats in no time! With the Alesis Turbo Mesh Kit, you can take your drumming skills to the next level without breaking the bank.

This kit is perfect for beginners looking to advance their drumming skills or anyone wanting to add a new dimension to their drumming experience. Check out more features for which we have kept this Alesis Drum in the first position for the best electric drum sets in India.


  • Wirelessly connect to your phone to play with the 30 built-in tracks anytime anywhere.
  • 8″ mesh snare, 10″ cymbals and 8″ tom drums that sound great.
  • An infinite number of original songs can be created using the 10 ready-to-play kits.
  • 30 play-along tracks to aid you in your practice.
  • 100+ expertly curated sounds for your inspiration.
  • Comes with hi-hat and kick pedals that give it a professional touch.
  • 18×24″ heavy duty steel rack guarantees strength and stability.
  • Individual cables wrap around the rack for a neat and tidy set-up.
High-Quality Steel FrameDrum bass is a little bit compromised for rock lovers.
Built-in tracks for your assistance.
A separate power supply also comes with it.

Buy Alesis Turbo Mesh Kit 7-Piece All-Mesh Electronic Drum Kit here:

2. Behringer XD80USB Premium 8-Piece Electronic Drum Set

best electric drum kit -Behringer XD80USB Premium 8-Piece Electronic Drum Set

A new era in drumming is here! This is not your average electronic drum set. With Behringer’s BFD3 drum module & other features, you’ll be able to create music like never before.

It’s the first e-drum at this price point with so many features, including a four-channel mixer, robust sound library, and more. With an upgraded sound module and an LCD screen, you can plug it in and play along to your favorite songs.


  • Enjoy the premium 8-Piece Electronic Drum Set, which is one of the most advanced drum sets on the market.
  • The upgraded HDS240USB sound module provides you with a large LCD screen, so you can see all your settings in detail.
  • It has 10 factory presets, user-programmable drum sets, and USB/MIDI interface.
  • With 15 drum sets to choose from, there’s something for everyone!
Bigger DisplayA bit pricey.
175 sounds
Compatible with any drum software.

Buy Behringer XD80USB Premium 8-Piece Electronic Drum Set here:

3. Alesis Debut Kit With 4 Mesh Electric Drum Set Pads

best electronic drum set - Alesis Debut Kit With 4 Mesh Electric Drum kit

With the Alesis Kids Drum Set, you get a drum set for kids that’s perfect for beginners. It includes everything you need to get started, as well as a drum coach. Drum sets for kids have never been easier to use or more versatile than this one!


  • Each pad has a different sound mapped to it, for a more realistic play.
  • The kit is made of steel and mesh, for superb durability and quality sound.
  • Play along with 30 built-in tracks!
  • 6” mesh drum head for easy playability.
  • Comes with high quality headphones so your little one can enjoy practicing without disturbing others.
Perfect for beginners.Not for professionals.
Equipped with a smart drum kit module.
All cabling peripherals are included in the package.

Buy Alesis Debut Kit With 4 Mesh Electric Drum Set Pads here:

4. Alesis Compact Kit 7-Pad Electronic Table-top Drum Kit

best table-top drum kit - Alesis Compact Kit 7-Pad Electronic Drum

The Alesis Compact Kit 7 is a high-quality electric drum kit for all types of music. With velocity-sensitive pads, you’ll get the same response whether you’re playing softly or hitting it hard. It also features a built-in metronome and self-recording feature.

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So, all in all, it’s a perfect kit for professionals. This is the first table-top drum kit in the best electric drum sets in India.


  • With the ability to use the 5 presets or create your own, you can tailor-make your complete drum setup.
  • Ultra durable build with fully adjustable settings for your drumming experience.
  • Unique percussion feature offers the option to play hand drums instead of sticks.
  • Record yourself playing in real time and save it to use in any future project.
  • Connectivity option with USB MIDI makes it easy for producers to connect all their gear into one convenient space.
Amazing portabilityBatteries are not included in it.
For a more realistic sound, there are dual pedals

Buy Alesis Compact Kit 7-Pad Electronic Table-top Drum Kit here:

5. Yamaha DD-75 Portable Digital Drums

best portable drum kit - YAMAHA DD-75 Portable Digital Drums

Are you a drummer with a flair for the digital? Introducing your dream come true. The Portable Digital Drums from YAMAHA. Never miss a beat or be limited by your location with our revolutionary new digitally-created drums.

Open up a new world of possibilities with these instruments that travel anywhere with you.


  • The most realistic drumming experience with a large selection of drum kits, a sensitive touch pad for more natural sound.
  • 2 pedals to control bass and cymbals. And 570 Voices + 30 Phrases to add life to your drum tracks.
  • Want even more? Upgradeable Drum Pads allows you to add up to 10 drum pads, so you can have the ultimate one-person band!
CheapThe display is not satisfactory.
Portable enough
There are more than 570 voices

Buy Yamaha DD-75 Portable Digital Drums here:

Frequently Asked Questions- Electric Drum kit

How is an electric drum set different from acoustic drums?

The primary difference between an electric and an acoustic drum set is the sound. Acoustic drums produce a natural sound that is created by the vibration of the drum head. To create an electric drum set, a pre-programmed drum machine is used to trigger a synthesizer that produces a variety of sounds.
Also, some of the best electronic drum kits come with both an acoustic and electric setup.

Can a power drum set be purchased for a reasonable price?

The best electric drum set roughly costs between 30000 to 40000 INR. As a beginner, you can also buy Alesis Kids Drum Set if you don’t want to spend a lot of money.

How does an electric drum kit work?

A typical electric drum set has a MIDI sound module, which converts the MIDI commands into an electric signal that makes the drum sounds. Sensors are placed on the drum pads to detect when they are hit.
These sensors send an electric signal to the module, which in turn sends another electric signal to the speakers to play the sound of the drum.

Conclusion – Best Electric Drum Sets in India

Electric drum sets have paved a new way in the musical world. Drum sets have been in use for a long time, but they haven’t been able to keep up with the evolving needs of musicians. The electronic drum kits have been able to adapt better to the changing needs of the musicians and provide more convenience when it comes to playing drums.

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In this guide, you have learned how to choose the best electric drum sets in India. I have also gathered the top electric drum kits for you. Grab the one for yourself and let us know your experience.

Good luck!

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