4 Best Action Camera Under 10000 India | 2022

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4 Best Action Camera Under 10000 India

1. Campark X30 Native Action CameraOverall Best PickCheck Price
2. SJCAM Legend SJ6 Gyro Action CameraRunner-Up PickCheck Price
3. Procus Rush 2.0 Action Camera Best Feature Rich CameraCheck Price
4. Dragon Touch Action Sports CameraValue For MoneyCheck Price

1. Campark X30 Native Action Camera

Campark X30 - best action camera under 10000

The Campark X30 is a native 4K UHD Video recorder which is basically for professional 4K video recording the camera can record the video at a frame rate of 3200×1800 pixels (60fps),4K(3840×2160)/30fps, 2.7K/30fps, 1080P/120fps, 720P/240fps.

Also, this camera is compatible with any type of recording. You can easily capture your video in 4K quality with a small-size compact camera.

If we talk about the overall quality of the action camera then it is stuffed with a Built-in Electronic Image Stabilization feature that delivers a steady and smooth video even when you are fast-moving or running you can capture it all.

Also, the 6-axis gyroscope that detects the motion changes firmly. Overall you will not see any cons while shooting your video will be recorded easily with 4K quality.

Professional Video & Image Quality

No doubt the camera is stuffed with many great features and one of the feature is the Real 4K Resolution recording with your Campark X30 your video will be recorded at 4K/(60fps,30fps) also you can record in small frame rates also like 2.7K/30fps, 1080P/(120fps,60fps,30fps), 720P/(240fps,120fps,60fps,30fps).

For Images, the Campark X30 will take your photos at 20MP/ 16MP/ 13MP/ 8MP, which means overall your image and video both will be recorded at high resolution. The Camera will not disappoint you whether you will shoot video or take pictures.

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2.0 inch Touch Screen

The Campark X30 comes with a 2.0-inch high-sensitivity touch screen, you can easily operate the camera without any problem, you can easily browse and set camera menus by tapping & swiping the touch screen. With the 2.0inch touch screen, you will be able to record your video easily by tapping, the screen is enough big so it can operate by any age person.

Waterproof up to 40m (131ft)

The Campark X30 comes with powerful waterproof technology. In this action camera, you can record under the water up to 40 meters deep in the water. You can easily shoot under the water also without any trouble or if you are vlogging then believe this will be suit you best for underwater recording.

No matters you are under beach water or pool water the camera will not be affected. You will be able to record your HD video in the best resolution. Also, this action camera is ideal for water activities like swimming, diving, drifting, surfing, etc.

Adjustable Viewing Angle

The Campark X30 Comes with one of the best features and one of the features is the 170° wide-angle lens which will ensure to record wider it can be wide up to 170 degrees. You can easily record your film or video wider and the quality of the video will not affect it will remain the same. The lens angle is also adjustable at wide(170°) for middle and narrow scenes.


1. Electronic Image Stabilization1. No Negative point we found
2. Adjustable Viewing Angle
3. Waterproof up to 40m (131ft)
4. WIFI Remote Control


Standing screen display size2 Inches
Item Weight450 g
Warranty1 year

Buy Campark X30 Native 4k 60fps Action Camera here:

2. SJCAM Legend SJ6 Gyro Action Camera

best action camera under 10000 - SJCAM Legend SJ6

SJCAM Legend SJ6Action Camera comes with a 6g lens with an aro330 sensor which will give a nice video quality while recording. Also while shooting the wide angles you will not feel any problem while shooting.

Also, it comes with water resistant technology up to 30 meters, so you can shoot under the water also, Whether you are vlogging or doing shooting you can do it all.

The overall size is compact in size as a comparison to any other action camera and it is mini in appearance and the SJCAM Legend SJ6 Action Camera comes in many attractive colors so you can go with other colors also.

If we talk about the total storage then it can support storage up to 32 GB maximum, and no sd card is available with the action camera you have to buy the sd card. Also, one more point adapter is not included in the pack.

Wide Angle Display Lens

This Action Camera supports wide-angle shooting also, the shorter the focal length of the lens, the wider the field of view you can shoot. Overall more you can fit the video in the frame easily. With the wide-angle support, you can shoot what actually you want to shoot and you don’t have to edit much after recording.

You can easily record up to 170 degrees on your camera easily. If we talk about the focal length of the lens which comes with the SJCAM SJ4000 Action Camera is lens f= 2.99mm F No: F= 2.8.

Water-Proof Casing

You can easily shoot with it without any fear under the water. It comes with a sleek and powerful waterproof case that will ensure that you can shoot your video underwater also without any problem.

Also, the durable hardshell of the camera makes it more water-resistant which will protect your camera under water easily.

Supports Wi-Fi

It’s always a major problem with some of the cameras that after shooting the video you have to transfer the video to the pc or on mobile then you upload the video on the social media platform. But with this SJCAM Legend SJ6 Action Camera, you don’t have to face this problem anymore just connect it to the internet and directly send the video to your computer or smartphone easily.

This feature provides you the best convenient feature for the user, so you can go for this action camera also.

Supports Micro SD Card

The SJCAM Legend SJ6 Action Camera allows you to record more video with more storage, yes you can easily shoot your video more by increasing the more space of the action camera. Also, the maximum data support by SD card is only 32 GB only.

If the space is full with camera then just connect the SJCAM Legend SJ6 Action Camera to the SD card that’s it, not you can shoot more conveniently.


1. Wide Angle Display Lens1. No Warranty detail is there
2. Water-Proof Casing
3. Supports Wi-Fi
4. HD Display


Video Capture Resolution1080p
Item Weight557 g
Optical Sensor Resolution12 MP

Buy SJCAM Legend SJ6 Gyro Action Camera here:

3. Procus Rush 2.0 Action Camera

PROCUS Rush 2.0 16MP 4K HD Action Camera

The Procus Viper Action Camera comes with the latest chipset configuration which will make the camera lens record more firmly and in a better way. This feature will automatically help you to capture high-quality videos and images by using it.

Also, the camera is waterproof up to 30 meters also with the waterproof case on the Procus Rush 2.0 Action Camera you can easily shoot with your camera under your swimming pool also. Just on your camera and start recording underwater you will not face any problem while shooting with the Procus Viper Action Camera.

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Supports Wifi

We know that after recording you have a major problem like now I have shot the video now I have to transfer it to the pc, laptop, or smartphone. But with this Procus Rush 2.0 Action Camera, you have to just download the XDV app on your smartphone and connect it with Procus Viper Action Camera to view all your files right on your device or ios.

Wide Angles Lens

Also, the Procus Rush 2.0 Action Camera supports wide-angle video support up to 140 degrees, with this feature you easily your wide-angled video without any extra editing after recording the video. This is really a great feature.


1. Water-resistant body & lightweight1. NO negative point we found
2. 6 months of warranty
3. Wide angles lens


Optical Sensor Resolution16 MP
Item Weight58 g
Warranty6 months of warranty

Buy Procus Rush 2.0 Action Camera here:

4. Dragon Touch Action Sports Camera

Dragon Touch 4K Action Camera 16MP Vision 3 Pro

Dragon Touch Action Sports Camera comes with a professional video recording feature that will enable the feature of high-resolution video recording easily. You can easily record the video in these resolutions like 4K/30FPS, 2.7K/30fps, 1080P/60FPS.

The camera is 16 MP which will record the real video with the Dragon Touch Action Sports Camera also it has a special feature of zoom range from 1.0X to 4.0X. No doubt this Dragon Touch Action Sports Camera is stuffed with many features that will give you convenient video recording.

Water Resistant

you can easily record with the Dragon Touch Action Sports camera under the water also that can support up to 30 meters means 98 feet under the water so you can easily shoot a video underwater without any interference or problem. The last pick for best action camera under 10000.


1. Free Mounting Accessories1. No negative point we found
2. Waterproof up to 30m (98ft)
3. Built-in Wifi Connection


BrandDragon Touch
Video Capture Resolution4K
Item Weight500 g
Warranty1 Year

Buy Dragon Touch Action Sports Camera here:

Buying Guide – Best Action Camera Under 10000 in India

So here in this article, we have compiled the best action camera under 10000. We have compared each action camera for you.

You will not face any problems with these cameras while shooting any type of video. Whether you’re shooting wide range video or shooting a 4K video.

What is the main work of action camera?

Basically, an action camera is recognized as a motion camera or motion cam. It is a digital camera designed for recording motion even as being immersed in it. Action cameras are consequently normally compact and rugged, and water-resistant at surface level.

Do action cameras take good pictures?

Advanced photographers who additionally revel in severe sports activities want to file all in their adventures taken even as appearing in different sports is probably difficult to seize with a regular camera. This is why you want to shop for a movement camera.

Is action camera worth buying?

If your budget is quite less and you don’t have enough space for big cameras and all, then you should go with an action camera. As they are very compact in size and record full HD video. Today many Vloggers & YouTubers use action cameras as they are not too expensive and are easy to operate. So, going with an action camera is really worth it.

Why are action cameras so cheap?

First, the action cameras are very compact in size as they are compact in size no extra accessories are required to stuff in it. Second, the basic answer will be the materials used to make the bulk of movement cams.
There is an appreciably decrease manufacturing value of a movement camera due to the fact there are fewer electronics concerned and the majority of the camera’s frame is crafted from relatively cheaper substances together with plastic and rubber.

If you have any queries related to any camera or you are confused, comment down here. We will help you out ASAP. You might also like:)

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