Take Advantage of Air Disinfection Purifiers to Improve Your Air Quality

Air Purifiers were always a necessity of life because they disinfect the air which is the basic need of every human being. The surrounding environment has a great impact on the human health. The air, you are inhaling must be clean, so that your body is protected from microorganisms that cause multiple diseases.


Air is made up of gases and particles. You might be thinking about particles as the pollen or the dust you see in the air. Gases are the smallest and most challenging to remove. What you can see are the largest of the particles and generally they do not create a problem.

This is because your nasal passages will not let them enter and will filter them. This is our body’s filtering system. And the larger particles will drop to the ground and cannot be breathed. But the smallest particles cause the most trouble. This is because they stay suspended in the air the longest and can be breathed into our lungs. They are not filtered by our nasal passages and cannot be seen by naked eyes.

Because it is easy to solve a problem that we can see but it’s hard to solve the one that cannot be seen.

For the detoxification of air present in our environment, air purifiers are necessary.

An air purifier is made up of a filter, motor/fan and housing. All have these 3 components. For an air purifier to work well it needs to move enough air and it needs to have high efficiency filters. An air purifier circulates the air in a room and captures the particles and gases in the filters.

Mostly air purifier come up with high efficiency filters that are Pre-filter, Multi-care filter, Activated carbon filter and HEPA filter etc.


A pre-filter is an air filter that removes large particles like dust, dirt, and hair. Pre-filters are the first step in the air filtration process on an air purifier. A pre-filter protects the main air filters from getting clogged up with debris so they can trap microscopic pollutants. Pre-filters are used in air purifying equipment that is installed in homes, commercial buildings, transports, and public areas. There are many varieties of technologies and manufacturer requirements for pre-filter air filters and therefore, no standardized regulations about the performance and effectiveness exist.


A pre-filter works by collecting large particles before they enter the air purifier unit. Pre-filter air filters work in a similar manner to a sieve. Air flows through the small pores or netting of the pre-filter while dust, dirt, and hair get trapped on the surface of the pre-filter. A pre-filter is used for two things: capturing large particles and extending the life of the main internal filters. Pre-filters are used to protect the main internal filters so they can filter out smaller contaminants and this helps the main filter last longer and be more efficient.

An activated carbon filter is a filtration method that removes gases, chemical vapours, and odour molecules. Activated carbon filters are used in air purifiers to adsorb pollutants like volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and smoke so you can enjoy fresh and clean air. Activated carbon can be manufactured from a wide variety of raw materials such as coal, coconut, and wood.

The production processes of activated carbon may be divided into chemical and thermal processes, both at elevated temperatures.

Chemical activation is achieved by degradation or dehydration of the raw material structure.

Steam activation uses the basic principle of carbonization and oxidation followed by an activation step with steam. This process can be used to activate almost all raw materials.


A HEPA filter is a high efficiency air particulate air filter that can capture ultrafine pollutants. HEPA filters are considered the industry standard for removing dust, pollen, mold, bacteria, particulate matter, and other airborne particles. A HEPA filter is found in air purifiers and forced-air HVAC systems.

HEPA filters are made from either plastic or fiberglass. A HEPA filter is made up of interlaced fibers with a diameter of less than 1 micron that are twisted and turned in different directions to create a fibrous maze.

The individual threads of the HEPA filter material are so small that a big portion of the media mat consists of air. 

HEPA filter removes microscopic particles from the air at a high rate of efficiency. HEPA filters do this by trapping particles through direct impaction, sieving, interception, and diffusion. Using HEPA filtration in homes improves indoor air quality by reducing airborne contaminants.


The multi-care filter in combination with the HEPA filter, filters out ultrafine particles more than 20 nanometers including bacteria, dust, allergens and some viruses. According to publications of World Health Organization, the avian influenza, human influenza viruses and Legionella bacterium are larger than 20 nanometers.

There takes place a high efficiency 4 stages filtration to true HEPA filter, this is 3-in-1 high efficiency filter, with 4 stages filtration efficiently. Pre-filter, true HEPA filter, activated carbon filter and anion filter. Let you have healthy quality life when you use the device of HEPA air purifiers. This HEPA activated carbon filters are customized with special design. It is bigger than others supplier provided, which is more useful and efficient to filtrate. Pre-filter, True HEPA filter, activated carbon filter and multi-care filter. Build healthy quality life for you. HEPA filter element we designed has an excellent performance:

The filter of this air purifier uses a Cylinder folding design, in this way, the filter can be folded more than 150 times in a limited volume, and the width of each folding is 2 centimeters.

The length of the filter element used could Almost reaches 300 centimeters, and the area of the whole filter is close to 5000 square centimeters. Such a large filtering area is enough to ensure the breathing safety of consumers.

The HEPA material used in True H13 HEPA Filter have very fine glass fiber H13 HEPA filter, and fold 110 times and surrounded into 360°barrel, effectively capture harmful particles. When the filter is not replaced in time, the appliance stops functioning to avoid running with no effect since filter is full. It is your assurance of healthy air always.

It shuts off the purifier when healthy air can no longer be guaranteed. When one of the filters is almost full and must be cleaned or replaced, the Healthy air protect alert warns you to replace or clean filter. When users do not replace concerned filter, the appliance stops operating and the appliance is locked.

It can remove 99.95% of dust, pollen, cigarette smoke, odour, mould spores, pet dander and germs; filter particles as small as 0.3 microns and filter air pollution of PM 2.5 as well as formaldehyde.

It is the best gift for people who suffer from allergies, asthma, cough, nasal stuffiness, sneezing, etc. filter element is usually several times larger than theirs.

Wrapping up

A fresh air breeze is like a natural detoxifier of human body, it is like a simple healer, that makes its way through the body and purifies your mind and fills your heart with freshness and happiness. When it’s a Sunday morning and you’re sitting peacefully, relaxing and releasing all the stress of the week; the cool wind blows through your hair, you feel the touch of fresh air on your face and breath the fresh air that fill your lungs which makes you feel alive. This is how Air Purifiers gives a pure air to breathe in, this makes your life happier and healthier.

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